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Thank you for your interest in our cattery.


Passionate about animals, my husband and I devote all our time to feline and canine breeding, it has been our profession for 13 years. We are at home full-time to take care of our animals and to raise our 4 young children. We pride ourselves to be an ethical breeder, meeting all of our animals needs and giving them the best quality of life. We are a registered company with permits from the MAPAQ, and recognized as a breeder of excellence by Royal Canin. Our facilities and our home are specially designed so that our animals can thrive. Our cats are all of European lines, imported from several renowned breeders.  Kefir, one of our breeding males, was International Champion for two consecutive years, "Best of all breed".  Many of our cats come from champion parents as well.

Miss Maine Coon cattery is TICA registered and each of our cats have their TICA and FIFE pedigree. Our kittens also come with their 3 generation TICA pedigree.


Our adult cats are examined 3 times a year by our veterinarian to ensure our cats are in perfect health. Each of our cats undergoes a test for CMH, a sonogram of the heart, a hips exam by radiography for Hips Dysplasia, and DNA genetic testing through a company called Optimal Selection. (The test results of the parents are included in the departure kit of each kitten when they leave for their new home). It is very important for us to breed happy and healthy Maine Coons. Each of our cats have had blood screenings for FIV / FELV and all our cattery is negative, also we test our cats with PCRs 3 times per year to be sure that our cats are in top shape and don't have viruses or bad bacteria. In short, all the health tests recommended for the breed are up to date and all our cats are healthy.

Our kittens leave with their new family around the age of 12-14 weeks.

-Neutered at 11-12 weeks old

-Vaccinated 2 times

- Microchiped with Identrac

-Dewormed 3 times with Panacur 5 days

-Treated for internal/external parasites with Revolution.


We are sponsored by the Trupanion Insurance Company, so you get one month of free coverage that reimburses 90% of vet fees if the kitten requires veterinarian care. A Starter Kit valued at $100 including harness and leash, blanket, toys, cushioned bed, litter bag (wood pellet), Food sample of Royal Canin and N&D Farmina.

Our kittens are guaranteed for a period of 1 year against congenital malformations and/or hereditary disease and 10 days against viral diseases with our detailed contract of sale.


Our kittens are always born in our bedroom next to our bed, not in the cattery, so socialization begins at day-one.  Our children and our other pets play with the cats often, so that they are very well socialized when they leave for their new homes.


The price for a kitten is between $2,600 and $3,200 CAD 

Pale Silver and Silver Shaded are more expensive

For getting priority on our unborn kittens or to reserve a kitten of less than 8 weeks of age, the deposit is 100$.


For the reservation of a kitten over 8 weeks old, we require a deposit of $500. The balance is due upon taking possession.


Plane transportation is possible to most Canadian province for an extra 320$ including the kennel.

Thank you very much! We look forward to meeting you 😊

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