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Miss Maine Coon Cattery is a family affair.  My mother, my husband and myself are all passionate about Maine Coons.  We all work tirelessly to provide the best for our cats and kittens.  Their socialization, health and their overall well-being are our primary concerns.


We live on a small hobby farm on the South Shore of Montreal with our four children.  We work from home so we are always there for our cats and kittens to provide them with the best care possible.

We are a TICA breeder, all our cat have their TICA Pedigree.

The cats that we choose for our breeding program are chosen for their beauty, health, temperament and conformity to the standards of the breed.  The qualifications of our breeding program are VERY stringent.  All of our males and females undergo a full health-screening, compromising full DNA testing, HCM echo screening, FIV-FELV blood test, and x-rays of the hips.  Before breeding, we ensure that our cats are absolutely purrfect!

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